Privacy Policy

When we obtain and receive personal information from you as a user, known as personal data, we want to let you know that it is our policy to respect and keep private, using all electronic and physical security measures, which are in compliance with all legal practices, to protect your personal data and not make it available to the public. GLOBAL INFORMATION PAGE LLC, is the only entity with access to your data that will be deposited in a digital file and it is our promise and guarantee that your personal information will not be shared, transferred or revealed to any third party without your consent or that of another. In this way, it would be requested from you, by any note, that describes the personal information that we will need, what we will use it for and the protection that we will give it. GLOBAL INFORMATION PAGE LLC, through its privacy policy, lets you know that in the same way that it protects your information and personal data, it will not contemplate in any way, in canceling the data and information that are incomplete or inaccurate, or that they are no longer necessary and inpresindible for this purpose. GLOBAL INFORMATION PAGE LLC, will not participate or relate directly or indirectly, with any information of inappropriate content, information that goes against youth or childhood or against the ethics and moral policy of its website.

Use Policy

GLOBAL INFORMATION PAGE LLC, provides a world of information, with data, programs and services through our website,, so the user is committed to respecting the proper use of the portal with responsibility and not using it 1) as a means of promoting illegal activities, illicit or contrary to good ethics and order of service. 2) Advertise or disseminate propaganda or material with racist, illegal, pornographic or sexual content, terrorist ideas or directed to harm human rights in any way. 3) induce and cause damage in the programming and physical and logistical services of GLOBAL INFORMATION PAGE LLC AND ITS PORTALS, try to violate by entering, content or material with information that could be susceptible in full challenge to infect with viruses, the Operating System, physical , computer and logistics of the web. 4) try to use allegocia, accounts of other users and access their email accounts, to manipulate or modify messages and materials, for personal gain.